Sunday, March 27, 2005

Is Petco a one season wonder?

Take a look at today's Michael Kinsmin UT article for some insight into the new ballpark phenomenon in baseball over the past decade. The trends regarding fan attendance are not in Petco's favor. Only 2 of 11 new parks since '95 have managed to eclipse their inaugural season's attendance mark. Last season was a record year for Padres attendance with over 3 million people breaking in those shiny new turnstyles.


Anonymous M@tt said...

They are comparing them to the Tigers, Brewers and Pirates. That is pretty far fetched. If the Padres win, fans show up. They did it in the Q and they will follow suit in Petco.

10:01 AM, March 27, 2005  
Blogger Richard Bart said...

I agree with you Matt in regards to who they're being compared to...especially how those teams have fared over the past few seasons. That's kinda my point with San Diego and Petco Park...if we're not winning the fans don't show up here in San Diego...which means if we didn't happen to be fielding a contender this year, chances are Petco's attendance would drop significantly.

10:07 AM, March 27, 2005  
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