Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Day After

Well, let's see here...was it Coors Field? Or perhaps an even scarier notion the Padres bullpen is not quite as strong as it appears to be on paper?

Being the eternal optimist I am my money's on Coor's Field as the culprit of yesterday's heartbreaking come-from-behind loss to the Rockies of Colorado.

Let's analyze things just a bit...it's my therapy:

During the spring, Hoffman didn't allow a run in his first six appearances but he was hit hard in his final two. And now this catostrophic meltdown yesterday. Just as disconcerting is that both Linebrink and Otsuka didn't look nearly as sharp as last season while working in front of Hoffman. (I know, it's only game one)

Otsuka closed spring training by giving up a pair of three-run homers. Then Hoffman blew the save in the season opener. In two-thirds of an inning, he allowed four runs on four hits capped by a walk-off, two-run homer by rookie Clint Barmes.

Suffering the fourth blown save of his career against the Rockies, Hoffman said, "You put this behind you and move on".

Being the seasoned veteran and consumate professional that he is, I'm sure he's moved on by now and is focused on game two. Let's hope so.

By the way...Woody Williams seems to be the only one benefitting from yesterday's loss with Hoffman shouldering all the heat in the press today. Well, actually the media hasn't been so hard on Trevor (see Tim Sullavin's UT column) but the message boards have been relentless.

Now, I'm not over reacting here...really, I'm not...I realize this was only game one of a long season ahead however...it always hurts to lose these sorts of games. And even though we have 161 games left, as tight as things were last year every game counts in the west...especially the ones we're supposed to win. Come September I don't want these type of close-game losses against the Rockies and Nationals of the world to haunt us.

On a more positive note...nice to see the big guns break out with some dingers right out of the shoot. Maybe they'll build up some momentum in the power department early in the seaon. And XNady looks pretty darn good at the plate. Since Robert's has center field locked up it's up to Burroughs to respond. Could get interesting.

Ok. This felt pretty good. I'm back in the saddle for tomorrow. And then Peavy at home on Thursday night for the opener. I'll be there with bells on! Actually, I won't have any bells on at all...I don't even own any bells.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Padres open up in Denver

Tom Krasovic's article in today's Tribune talks about today's opener and winning the West.

"We definitely don't want to be outspoken about it, but I think we've got a
quiet sense of confidence about this season," pitcher Jake Peavy said.
"Everybody on this team – we fully expect to win the West. If we don't think
that, I'm questioning what we are thinking."